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Update 2019 Sept 26

    Entirely too long in coming. Here's the MEGA update for 2019.

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  • Dad's Down and Dirty aka The D3 Project

    1955 Chevy Truck
    Dad's new daily driver project. It started out simple and has evolved quite a bit.

  • The More Door Trouble Maker

    1957 4 Door Sedan
    Page Coming Soon

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Welcome to the Nerd Cave

       The Nerd Cave, secret lair of the Nerd Rodders (admit it, you were just humming the old Batman theme in your head). Here at Nerd Rods we use technology to design, manufacture and build hot rod and muscle cars, parts and kits. Late Model Corvette suspension conversion frames, motor mount kits, fuel systems, coil over shocks Information / How Too Videos and much much more. Please explore our site; if you have a question check the FAQ section for the specific part and check to see if we've done a Video about your particular issue. If you don't see an answer please feel free to drop us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to explain or walk you through it to make your project a success with Nerd Rods' parts and suspensions.

        Check out the site and let us know if you have any questions.

- The Nerd Rods Crew